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28 Oct



Professional dancer and model, Karla Garcia, owner of Sol Dance Center in Astoria, Queens is holding a modeling workshop for teen girls and women in order to promote and encourage healthy body image. This workshop, the “Solettes Modeling Academy”, will stress the importance of feeling confident with one’s body as well as being healthy rather than fitting the size 2 model “look”.


This workshop is a 4-week intensive program in which the students will learn how to walk the runway, pose for pictures, explore their look, build their character and more. The workshop will culminate with a professionally done photoshoot so that the students can take home what they learned during their time at Sol.


“No one should feel like they have to look a certain way,”  says Karla. “Feel free, love yourself!”


The workshop is affordable and for women of all ages. Come join Karla and the rest of her team starting Sunday, November 10th at 2PM for this wonderful opportunity to express yourself through modeling. For more information and to reserve your spot, call Sol Dance Center at (347) 935-3955 or drop by anytime at 30-16 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11103.

Here is a clip of Karla modeling/dancing – Hope y’all enjoy and take time to spread the word about  this amazing event! 


Press Contact:

Ashley Kervabon

email: awriterkervabon@gmail.com

cell: (347) 684-1489


Ralph Lauren Introduces First Plus-Sized Model

23 Sep

Could this be an advancement in accepting body image in the fashion industry? 

At size 12, Robyn Lawley becomes the first plus-sized model to represent Ralph Lauren and says: “There are so many plus-size models in New York doing so well at the moment,” she tells “GMA,” “and it’s only going to get better.”

And we hope this is the case. 

Previous to be coming a plus-sized model, Lawley was pressured to diet and change the way she looked. For three years (ages 16-19) she struggled with trying to fit in, and now, here she is as a Ralph Lauren model. 

Congrats Robyn! 

Here’s a pic of the lady (I think she’s gorgeous by the way): 

Check out the full coverage on her on Huffington Post

Maybe I Was Wrong About Barbie…

2 Sep

So a while back I wrote a post on how most women do want to look like Barbie (or shouldn’t want to anyway), and how looking like Barbie would just be not humanly possible. I still think that is the case HOWEVER while I was away on vacation, I found that this whole “thinking that anorexia is cute” deal, isn’t just an idea of American culture. I was in Mexico, and people were showing me this video of Kotakoti aka the most beautiful real-life Barbie there is right now. 

People idolize her. Is this a problem? I think so. 

We All Don’t Want To Look Like Barbie

7 Aug

Make-up, plastic surgery,etc., the wonderful ways of life to help us look like our idol, the glamorous, all-knowing Barbie. 

Barbie has been idolized for years and still are the most popular toys (among Bratz dolls) out there for girls ages 5-8. Sad but true, many of these girls grow up thinking they are supposed to look like Barbie and unfortunately the media isn’t telling them otherwise.

Society is just beginning to realize that these images of “acceptable beauty” that are shown on television and in magazines are fake. Fake and misleading. I will be the first one to say that even though I KNOW we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to plastic or photoshopped pictures, when I see ads I’m just like…”um, I don’t look like that.” It’s not enough for society to KNOW. It’s time to SHOW. 

The pictures in this post are Barbie to Real Women comparisons. The picture on the right is of an actual model. Looking at Barbie I’m sure she feels the way we feel when we look at her. Oh the irony. 

Personally, Barbie’s body does not appeal to me. But who am I when millions of others say that this is the way women should look?