Mexico Barbie/ Why I’m Infuriated

10 Jun

If you haven’t already seen or heard of her, Mexico Barbie from Mattel’s Dolls of the World collection, has been sparking controversy among bloggers for the past few months. While ImageI’m late to hear of the news, it did not surprise me that there has been so many problems regarding the doll.

As you can see, Mexico Barbie is wearing what they called a traditional Mexican outfit, holding a Chihuahua and also comes with her very own passport.

Stereotype. Stereotype. Stereotype.

Being of Mexican descent, I’m not as angry as I think I am disappointed. Mattel could have really taken this opportunity to go beyond the bullshit ethnic tourism and teach young girls about what it is really like to be a Mexican woman.

Instead, they chose an old-fashioned, inaccurate outfit, the Taco Bell mascot, and clarification of documentation for this doll. Not to mention, the description of her on the Mattel website, makes me question the doll’s purpose even more.

“¡Hola! Welcome to Mexico! Inspired  by traditional mariachis and marimbas, Mexico Barbie® doll is ready for any fiesta!”

They  might as well have  put her on a donkey, wearing a sombrero,  stuck a bottle of tequila in her hand and called her Guadalupe.

Fuck you, Mattel.


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