9 Sep

Check out GreenEyedJupiter’s sister blog, Destination Feedback. Sam Hogan rockin’ it out as always.


Image                Sooo….I very recently came back from a very much needed vacation and noticed something that makes me smile…well actually makes me want to fist pump while saying “fuck yea!”  A lot of women that I saw were openly, unashamedly, and proudly displaying their one of many tattoos. It was sleeves, back tats and chest pieces galore and I have to say that I can’t be happier with it. It’s another avenue that women are using to express themselves in a lot of beautiful and at the very least artistic ways. 

                Remember when cigarette smoking for women used to be prohibited and “un-ladylike”?  During the liberation movement in America, a lot of women engaged in smoking as a way of declaring independence, and acknowledging a right to choose to participate in an act that was up until…

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