Celeb Role-Models…a vanishing concept?

9 Sep

Katy Perry, is she really THAT fake? Where have all of the celeb role models gone?


Oh, Katy Perry…will she ever do something not annoying? Well, I guess I have to admit…she has done one thing. The autotuning on her single Wide Awake was done so well that people can actually listen to it without convulsing. So there’s that. But everything else is beyond what my brain can handle. It is no secret that I dislike Katy, but it is not for lack of trying. Every time she does something semi-decent, I think that maybe she will redeem herself. Because she is cute and could be a great figure if she just kept her mouth shut. Not only because she can’t sing, but also because 99% of the shit that comes out of her mouth is just that. Shit.

Anyways…I digress. Katy Perry is the new face of Pop Chips. That is what I am trying to tell you. As you may remember, the company hasn’t…

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