Like That Ink Idea?

5 Sep

As a young woman in America, turning eighteen arrived with a handful of benefits.  Sure, I’m not allowed to drink (legally) as they do in Europe, but now have the ability to get any tattoo and piercing that my little heart desires without mom and dad’s signature – which really means, without their permission.  I always dreamt of the day when I could wake up and run to the nearest tattoo parlor to get tagged with something symbolic, something colorful, something… Well, something.  And that day came gloriously.

No, I do not have my tattoo yet, however, I know exactly what I want.  Before bolting to St. Marks with my wad of temporarily non-existent cash, I was curious to hear the thoughts of those (who luckily were frequently linked to the communication interwebs) on tattoos on women.

“I don’t think it makes a difference if the person has a good personality and other wonderful qualities then a tattoo wouldn’t make or break their character,” my friend, Amanda, wrote.

Although I figured my artsy girl friends would gladly applaud tattoos, I was a bit stunned to see that many of my male companions were pro-Ink as well, especially since my brother had always been (unfortunately) highly against them.

“The idea of rebelling and having a higher intellect make tattoos on women attractive,” my boyfriend, Peter, shared with me one night, “and piercings are an interesting way to modify the body.”

“Tattoos and piercings look good in moderation,” a friend, Imran, shared.  Although moderation is key in many aspects and the balance of life’s situations, as an experienced ‘pierced’ customer I am well aware that tattoos and piercings can become slightly addictive… Okay, sometimes very addictive.  This intrigued me on whether or not complete inkage is found to be appealing within my circle of male comrades.

“I think that it’s up to the person who’s getting the tattoo to decide if it’s beautiful or not. They’re not necessarily getting a tattoo so other people will be impressed by it. AND if they are, they’ll find their group that does accept the tattoo as normal,” a good friend, Matthew, wrote me online, “If someone has traditional tattoos or piercings, it’s just wrong to categorize that by how attractive it makes them.”


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