2 Sep

I’m no health nerd but…I can differentiate what is and isn’t good for me . And I’m fortunate enough to have no allergies or “intolerances” so I can really eat whatever seduces my taste buds. 

I do feel lucky to be able to eat what I want…and everyone else should too! Imagine being lactose-intolerant….no cheese?! No chocolate?! 

This is why it makes me mad when people want to lose weight and they don’t know the difference between dieting and starvation. 

But maybe they think skinny people just starve themselves?

A few months ago, SkinnyGossip, a blog for skinny people (that hates on not skinny people) posted Starvation Tips of the Day…Skinny Gurl took them down but continues to tweet and retweet things like: 

“Why is it ok for you to say omg you’re so skinny like wasting away eat something, but I can’t say you’re so fat lose some weight?”

…Obviously inappropriate. 

Is this really how girls think? #wtfworld







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