The Infamous “Oh, He’s Not My Type”.

28 Jul

As I am getting older and more familiar with the dating world, I am beginning to realize that finding the “perfect” guy is a little bit harder than how they make it seem in the movies. I know girls who make checklists of what they want their boyfriends to be like and honestly, a lot of the times they describe guys you can only find in Disney movies.

Having a “type”, can possibly be the worst thing you can do for your dating life. For example, lets say you want to date someone with a steady job, more or less around your age, and they can’t be smokers. Then, you meet someone that meets two of three of your requirements. Do you completely blow them off and not see them again because they don’t happen to fit your dream profile? No, no, no and NO. In all honesty, that seems a little silly. Doesn’t it?

There seems to be a certain type of guy that at one point in their life every girl pictures herself with. Tall, handsome, has a six digit salary, and a nice family. The truth is, not all guys that fit that profile are good guys, and they don’t have to fit that profile to be a good guy. The same thing goes for girls. You don’t have to cook, clean, and look like a runway model to be a catch. After all, no one really knows what they want until they have it in front of them .

The point, is that you can really miss out on someone great (and perfect for you)  if you’re looking for the “perfect” person to come along. Don’t push people away because they’re not what you think you “should” be dating. Because in the end, that “type” that you’ve been looking for might not be the right type for you anyway.


Originally published ( a while ago) on The University Lifestyle . Edited and republished by yours truly. 


One Response to “The Infamous “Oh, He’s Not My Type”.”

  1. Dani Vicentini July 28, 2012 at 10:36 PM #

    loved it! So true =)

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