When I was little I wore jumpers…

25 Jul

…and now little girls are wearing mini-skirts. 

According to an article on LiveScience (read here), 30% of girls’ clothing is sexualized. The fact that so many stores are doing it, is making it harder and harder for people to be able to tell the difference between girly and sexy. In fact, most people would say that it’s the same thing. 

The “Juicy” sweatpants are the perfect example. Juicy is widely known, and it’s a fashion statement that screams “I can wear sweatpants and still be pretty.” I’m all for that…but not when 10 year old girls have JUICY written across their ass and think it’s cute.  

Although Juicy is a brand (just like PINK) and because of that you SHOULD be able to have your 12 year old cousin wear them without hesitation,  the word “juicy” is a lot more…vivid? (Okay, it’s just a straight up porn word).

It’s hard though, because how can you avoid something if it’s so trendy? Especially when you’re in middle school and you’re so desperate to fit in. 











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