I’m Pretty, So Life is Easy?

21 Jul

 According to pretty much everyone I’ve talked to, being pretty is a way you can cheat through life.

I don’t quite understand because by society’s standards I’m “pretty”, and I’m still working pretty damn hard to make it in this world. Sure, my smile probably scored me some free milkshakes at work but that’s about it. 

I still have to go to work and make $10 an hour. I still have to finish school so I can stop making $10 an hour. And I’m not just easing through, I have to study and show up on time. Not as easy as it may seem…

But that’s normal right? For a 20 year old to be working and going to school full-time. So then WHY am I being told that PRETTY girls have it easier? 

It has been said that “ugly” girls (who’s to say who is ugly anyway?) have to deal with  that EXTRA pressure to be” pretty”. But the truth is, EVERY GIRL has to deal with that pressure to be physically appealing. Even celebrities do. 

The bottom line will always be that if you feel confident enough to go for the things you want, you’ll get them no matter how tall, skinny, and glamorous you are. You have to work, and look for opportunities yourself because most of the time they’re not going to fly at you. Looks don’t last forever, therefore I don’t think anyone should rely on them. But your personality will always be with you. 

That’s why I want to be known as : Ashley, that smart, funny girl.

NOT just Ashley, that pretty girl. 


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