Disney Makes Us (Girls) Boy-Crazy

16 Jul

I had an epiphany today at work while watching about 50 nine year old girls sing along to “Call Me Maybe”.  

Preteen and teen girls are more boy- crazy than ever. 

Between Beiber-Fever and the One Direction-Infection, girls ages 9-16 are completely OBSESSED with the hopes of maybe one day talking to these celebrities who they will swear are their true love. 

A lot of older people think it’s silly, pointless, it might even make them mad that their daughters are head over heels for these teen pop sensations. But it’s not their fault that they’re boy-crazy! I can prove it! 

Name one show on the Disney Channel that isn’t about a boy-crazy (or girl-crazy) main character? …exactly. 

Now here’s the better one…How many of the Disney Princesses (or characters in general) end up madly in love with a Prince Charming and live happily ever after? TOO MANY OF THEM. 

Jeez, even Simba gets his happily ever after!

So my dear friends, I blame every boy-crazy teenage girl on Disney. Disney has been teaching us FOR DECADES  that there is nothing more important than finding true love and living happily ever after. And now that this new princess Merida, from the movie Brave, finally takes a stand and doesn’t want to get married and the media starts calling her a lesbian?

Oh please people. It’s 2012, get a grip. 


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