Pimp my…Toddler? A look at Tots and Tiaras

15 Jul
After watching countless episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras on Netflix, I still can’t seem to understand the necessity of these kiddie beauty pageants.
Here’s a little something I would love to say to those pageant moms out there:
I get that you want your little girl to feel like your princess and wear a crown and all that jazz. And you know what? She should feel like a princess because all little girls are princesses. What I don’t get is how sticking a four year old in a tanning booth and getting your seven year old flippers (fake teeth) is necessary. 
By all means, dress them up in rhinestones, after all it’s coming out of your pocket, not mine. Just know that those thousands of dollars you just paid for that bedazzled piece of cloth could have paid for a year of her college tuition.
Not only are you pointlessly wasting money, but you may also be damaging her emotionally. Beauty pageants are competitions that make outer beauty a priority and what happens if your little girl loses? It’s not uncommon for pageant contestants to develop a low self-esteem or become obsessed with their looks.
Aside from setting them up for potential body image issues, these pageants also put an enormous amount of pressure on little girls. A day that they could have spent playing with their friends or running around in a park, is a day of hours of rehearsals and preparation for their big day.
As much as I love the idea of making every girl in the world feel beautiful, I’m not sure if these beauty pageants are helping the cause.

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