Faux Lesbianism

15 Jul

Have you ever hit a club somewhere with your friends, been having a great time, and then noticed two girls that you swore were straight, kissing? Has that ever made you wonder why? Have you ever been that girl? Newsflash ladies, playing the faux sexy lesbian role, may cause more harm than it does good…for all parties involved.

We can all pin point lots of reasons as to why it occurs, but the one that probably sticks out the most and is usually the top reason for it is male attention. Now I understand the need to want to be found attractive, duly noted, but why go to such extremes? If you wouldn’t do it while your sober, what makes you think it would make sense to do it while tipsy? I think it’s
time to reevaluate the length that so many girls go to for male approval…

Firstly, the image that a girl makes about herself doing things like that is far from a classy one. It gives off all the wrong impressions, and it brings attention for all the wrong purposes. Ladies if you want to attract a man and KEEP him, showing him how wreck less and sloppy you can be, is NOT cute.

Secondly, it can be a bit insulting and definitely annoying to women who identify as bisexual or lesbian. It not only gives straight girls a bad rep but also makes the space uncomfortable for other women to be in as well. It becomes an assumption for men that all women “pretend” to be gay, which definitely causes friction and awkwardness for your lesbian and bisexual counterparts. It also becomes an unintentional invitation as well (which I’ve had happen to me personally), where men find it completely normal to try and impose themselves on two women who seem like they are intimately involved.

My proposal? STOP DOING IT. Ladies raise the level of standards for both yourselves and the men you meet. Be sensitive to the idea that there are women who can and do act the way you do drunk, when they’re sober. Look at it this way, if you need that “liquid courage” to engage in these activities and behaviors, clearly it is not a part of your character. Be yourself , because in the long run, you’ll look better and be better for it.


3 Responses to “Faux Lesbianism”

  1. sweetmother July 15, 2012 at 5:11 PM #

    like, like, and like again…

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