Model#4, Creative Director of TWSS, Iri de Jesus

12 Jul

A word from our very talented Creative Director Iri. If you haven’t already checked out the amazing logo she created for the site, you should do so!

Other than the weather, the photoshoot was awesome.  I felt like our best was seen.

I was taught to not concern myself with looks so I’ve though
of myself as average and my excellent points stand in my ambition and schooling.

Thinking on it, I’m beautiful because
I do my best even when people don’t think much of me.  I
commit to causes that others don’t understand.

I think people should realize just how wonderful they are!
Whether they have one friend or several, everyone has
something to give and there’s always someone who will listen.
TWSS is here to say just that.

*TWSS was started as a school project between Ashley and I but it can go so much further.  Despite my role in it, I can see a bright future.


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