Model#3: TWSS Intern, Chloe Cardio

11 Jul

Chloe Cardio, 15, (my gorgeous cousin) a TWSS intern, tells her Anti-Photoshop Photo-shoot story. 

Q: What was the most challenging part of the shoot? Were you uncomfortable at all? Why?

A: The most challenging part of the shoot for me was taking the actual pictures. I’ve never taken part in a photo shoot before, so being posed and photographed was a little awkward at first. But being around all these girls who were feeling the same way I did helped me get over my worries and just have fun. While I may have felt funny or uncomfortable when we first started, as we continued I realized I shouldn’t have to worry about little insecurities because in reality, everyone has them.

Q: What do you think makes you beautiful?

A: I always try to keep a positive attitude throughout anything that I do. I feel like I’m a pretty easy person to get along with and I love meeting new people! Being positive is something that helps me get through sticky situations were i might feel awkward or not confident. In times like those, I just keep my head up and make sure i don’t lose that optimistic quality I love having.

Q:What do you hope people get from this shoot?

A:I hope through this shoot people can see that sure, everyone has their own insecurities, whether it’s their body size or shape or anything, but that doesn’t have to be what defines you. Beauty isn’t defined by a size 1 model, it can be anyone who is confident in how they live their life and isn’t afraid to be who they are. Everyone is born beautiful, you just need to be willing to embrace it.

Q: Anything else you would like to say about TWSS or the shoot?

A: I met so many great people and I really do think this was a great experience! I hope that in the future TWSS helps girls everywhere understand that a healthy body image is really important and you should never feel badly about the way you look. Remember you ARE beautiful!!


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