Model#2: Co-Founder of TWSS, Sam Hogan

11 Jul

Model #2, My lovely co-founder Sam Hogan. I definitely got lucky finding a partner like her, read more and you’ll see why. 

Q: What was the most challenging part of doing this shoot? Were you uncomfortable at all? Why?

A: The most challenging part of this photoshoot for me was definitely the posing. I felt really awkward because I wasn’t wearing anything to “accentuate” my look (eye liner, heels, a dress,etc). These photos express the person that I am on a daily; calm, cute and comfy.

Q: What do you think makes you beautiful?

Mmmm….this was a hard one for me. I think it has a lot to do with my smile though, I get that a lot and it’s probably my favorite physical feature. So if I’d have to pick I’d say my smile and my intelligence; I’d like to think people enjoy good, stimulating conversation as well as a good looking girl. I think I’m a pretty even mixture of both and it works to my advantage 🙂

Q: What do you hope people (participants as well as viewers) get from this shoot?

A: For our participants: I hope they gained a sense of comfort, about themselves and their
appearances even though it may have started out rough for some at first, and that they had fun
while doing it.

For our viewers and special guests that we found along the way: I hope that they found the event entertaining and fun and that the cause that we are fighting for with this shoot (healthy body image specifically) is something that they recognize as problematic and worthy of a
change and their attention.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of TWSS (short and long term)?

A: My hopes for TWSS both short and long term are for it to become a project that people want to be a part of and can also relate to. The issues that we face as women differentiate widely across the board, but TWSS can be a platform for all of us to stand on and both express our concerns and address the issues in positive and powerful ways. TWSS will be a shared medium that we can use to create connections among girls coming from different nationalities,different sexual orientations, different cultures, and different lifestyles. I’m looking to change perceptions, change assumptions, change lives! TWSS will break barriers and lead by example, if you want to see change, you must BE the change, and being such a big part of this organization, I hope to transfer my passion into the people that my partner and I will be
working with in both the near future and years to come.


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