Model#1: Ashley Kervabon, Founder of TWSS

9 Jul

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The results of the Anti-Photoshop Photo-shoot – all questions answered. First up, me. 

Q: What was the most challenging part of doing this shoot? Were you uncomfortable at all? Why?

A: Aside from getting a group of ten girls together on time (hahaha), I think that posing for pictures was probably the hardest part. I always feel so awkward in front of a camera, but know that I’m not the only one. This was a huge issue for a lot of the girls during this shoot but once we all let go and laughed a little it all turned out wonderfully. I got a little stressed when some of the girls wanted to back out last minute, but all it took was to remind them of our good cause to get them back in place.
In regards to feeling uncomfortable, I didn’t really. Most of the time I do worry about not being tan enough or my chubby cheeks when it comes to close ups, but I know I have  to get over my fears eventually so I just decided to put everything on the table for the shoot.

Q: What do you think makes you beautiful?

A: I have what some people like to call the “like” factor. People just like me after meeting me once and sometimes I question why, but I have a couple of theories. It could be because I’m a little quirky, I like to laugh at my own jokes a lot (secretly hoping that it’ll make other people laugh too) or maybe it’s because I have such a baby face…kind of like one of those Cabbage Patch dolls I had when I was little. Anyway, I don’t think any one thing in particular makes me beautiful. I’m confident enough to know that I am beautiful, and that just might be what beauty is in my book.

Q:What do you hope that people get out of the shoot (participants as well as viewers)?

A: The overall purpose of the shoot was to show whoever reads this blog or sees these pictures on our website, Facebook page, etc. that true beauty comes from within the model and not editing programs like Photoshop. We definitely tried to get every race, size, shape of girl to participate in the shoot so that no one felt like they couldn’t be a model for the day. I want what we’re doing to spread and make other women say “I look like them. They’re real people and they look beautiful.” and then they’ll be encouraged to know that they are beautiful as well.  Someone once asked me if I truly believe that every woman is beautiful and I simply answered “Yes”.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of TWSS (short and long term)?

A: I have such high hopes for That’s What She Said that I’m practically revolving my life around it. My entire life I have just wanted to help people, and what’s better than helping people like me? Nothing. As a teenager I was lucky enough to have a solid team of teachers and counselors helping me every step of the way, and even so I felt so alone sometimes. I guess I want TWSS to become a second family to the girls who participate in the events, workshops, etc. Even they only come and meet with us once, I want them to know that we’re here to listen not lecture them. And we’ll only talk if they want us to. Sometimes listening is all it takes for someone to not feel alone.
That’s the long term goal. Short term, a lot of events and workshops are in the works. Stay tuned for everyone else’s pictures and whatnot. This is the start of something wonderful, and I’m so excited for what’s to come of it.


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