A Question for the Ladies: Do We Like Dating Sites, Yay or Nay?

5 Jul

One of the reasons I love Jezebel is because the writers always have a way of putting new things into perspective. For example, dating sites favor men and are all about making things easier for men. Let’s go out with his friends, or take him to his favorite restaurant or listen to his favorite music on our dates. Sound familiar?

In a recent article, Lindy West made  some great points on how everything is always about “him”. Just the title of her article “Dating Sites Encourage Men to be Interesting, Women to be Doormats”, strikes a chord with many women.

Let’s take a look at my favorite paragraph:

“Generally, the advice directed toward women is all about softness and flexibility. Make yourself available. Go where he wants you to go. Don’t judge him too early. Ask questions and listen. If you don’t hear back, just keep waiting! Advice for men, on the other hand, is all about action. Be interesting! Talk about the stuff that makes you an individual. Take charge. If she acts aloof, drop it. In other words, the tips for women are all about men (they’re strategies for making yourself into the most appealing possible set of holes—both literal and figurative), while the tips for men…also all about men. The differences are subtle, and perhaps you think I’m going out on a limb here (though I’m not so cynical as to think that any of it is deliberate) but it’s in there. Women: be willing to change yourselves to make men like you. Men: Be yourself and the ladies will find you. Because nothing’s as sexy as pointless and reductive gender roles! ” (Read the whole article here)

Interesting, right?

Could this be because there are more men on dating sites than women?

According to a survey I took, most men said that using dating sites was okay, meanwhile the ladies (that have never been on one of these sites) said that “it’s desperate”.

There is a certain connotation to meeting dates online that is bound to disappear with the internet being the main source of information for EVERYONE, especially since dating sites have been reaching out not only to older crowds but younger crowds as well. OkCupid, seems to be a hit for college students in NYC.

So what do you think ladies?

Are dating sites lame? Or are they just not approaching us the right way?


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