Heels Heels Heels

26 May

I’ve probably worn heels fifty times in my entire life. Forty-five of those times, were because my salsa teacher made me wear them. The other five times, were because my mom said I couldn’t wear a dress with Converse.

Now that I’m older and more experienced in heels because of dance, maybe I’ll buy a pair or two because I do think they look nice if I’m going to somewhere fancy. But why am I seeing 14 year old girls wearing wedges to school? It just doesn’t make sense.

The importance of looking taller and thinner is affecting teens and young women in every way possible. Dressing in mini-skirts and heels to middle school and high school is now the norm. What happened to wearing jeans and shirts from Old Navy? What happened to wearing Skechers and Pumas?



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