Calvin Klein Loves Boobs…(or just hates bras)

26 May

Have you ever noticed that most Calvin Klein ads don’t actually show what their advertising? In fact, most of them just have a bunch of almost completely naked people on them. Weird right? Being that Calvin Klein is a brand of CLOTHING. Clothing, not skin. Clothing.

I have a theory that Mr. Klein must love boobs. Because in all of the ads I’ve seen recently, girls aren’t wearing shirts. They also aren’t wearing bras (hence, the title of this post). So here I am, skimming through my new Cosmo For Latinas Magazine(will post more on this later), and BAM, I see this ad:

WHY?! just why? I can’t even really see the jeans. I just see boobs and butts. So unless Calvin Klein is trying to sell me implants of some kind, I don’t see the point.

If you aren’t convinced, here are two more I’ve come across.


…yeah. I almost feel like I’m watching a Calvin Klein sponsored porno .

Dear Calvin Klein,

Please put some more clothes on your models. Or at least a bra.

Sincerely, The Girl Who Wants To See Jeans (not boobs).


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