OMG We’re Plus Sized! (and we don’t give a f***)

20 May

A controversial conversation has started on the Facebook event page for the “What is Beautiful?” photo-shoot for TWSS. If you haven’t been following, let me give you an update. My friends and I have been making little quirks about being “plus-size” models. Sure we laugh about it , but the sad truth is that we are actually considered plus-sized even though in reality we are the average size for women our height.

“Regular” models are anyone who wears a size 2 and under. However, most models these days meet the BMI (body mass index) criteria for anorexia.

“Plus-size” models are anyone who wears sizes 6-14. Which I’m pretty sure is most of the female population in the world. So why is that considered “plus”? I’m not entirely sure.

The most disturbing part of all this is that models are getting smaller and smaller by the decade. Beverly Johnson, one of the most successful models of the 80s and 90s, wore a size 4 or 6 in the height of her career and now she would be considered too big to be a regular model.

If you aren’t yet convinced of this disgusting trend that is happening in fashion, take a read at the story of Filippa Hamilton , a model fired from Ralph Lauren for being a size 4. She said that she had been working with them from when she was 15, and at 23 and a size 4 she was let go.

The saddest part of Filippa’s story is the picture that was put up of her that was INCREDIBLY PHOTOSHOPPED….so much that even she had something to say about it.

 “It’s not a good example when you see this picture, every young woman is going to look at it and think that it is normal to look like that. It’s not,” she told Curry. “I saw my face on this super-extremely skinny girl, which is not me. It makes me sad. It makes me think that Ralph Lauren wants to have this kind of image. It’s an American brand … and it’s not healthy, and it’s not right.” – Filippa Hamilton


So there you are world, from a “real” model herself. I almost feel like sending our pictures in to Ralph Lauren once we’re done with the shoot. Let’s show them what real models are supposed to look like.


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