Why Being Photographed Is So Damn Hard (Prepping for the “What Is Beautiful?” event)

17 May

The “What is Beautiful” Photo-Shoot is officially in action. I have made a Facebook event page for it, invited friends, those friends are inviting friends, and on June 22nd, we will be good to go.

My concerns right now are these:

  • I didn’t expect so many people to be interested. So far we have almost 100 people invited to a shoot that was supposed to be for about 15 . We’re going to need more than one photographer. Oh boy.
  • I don’t have a place to do the shoot yet. I guess Central Park is looking like a good option.
  • I hate being photographed.

I really dislike being in pictures. Posing makes me uncomfortable. I always end up looking the same in every photo. Head slightly tilted to the left showing only the right side of my face and smiling. I also do this weird thing with my shoulders so that it looks like I have no neck. I also always cross one leg in front of the other, I’m not sure why, but I do. I put my hands on my hips to hide my waist, (subconsciously but) I’m sure its because I want to hide my waist.

When it comes to close-ups I’m always scared that my chubby cheeks will take over. When it comes to everything else…where the hell am I supposed to put my hands? Seriously. And oh my f***ing gosh, I’m so damn white. If only I had one of those airbrushing tan things from Sephora. And the list goes on…

The truth is we all have features we would love to hide in photos and outside of photos as well. But without editing software like Photoshop, we can’t do that so what we have to do instead is accept and embrace those features. This is why I have such high hopes for the “What Is Beautiful?” shoot.

Originally I wasn’t going to participate in the shoot, but now I think I should. It’s time to get over my fear of the camera lens. So if you’re in the same boat and you want to come to the shoot, know you’re not the only one!

Looking forward to hosting this! For More Info: click here.


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