Why Add Weight?/ Mom Says I’m Fat

15 May

*sent a picture of me and my cat to Mom*

She replies: “You and Jupiter need to go on a diet ASAP”

I said: “Wow.Thanks.”

She said: “Oh sorry Jupies! You’re still cute!”


This is the type of conversation that makes teenage girls have eating disorders.

I’m 5’4 and 130 pounds. In my book, that’s completely normal. Just because I gained a few since last year, she’s been giving me diet books as presents. Is she trying to be hurtful when she says and does these things? No, probably not. But if I didn’t know any better, I would have fallen into anorexia or bulimia six months ago when she first subscribed me to Women’s Health and would fold over the “Lose Ten Pounds in Four Weeks” pages.

Weight is a tricky topic for everyone, and I guess I just never saw looks as something to obsess over. So many of my friends won’t leave the house without make-up or God forbid they have love handles over their jeans!!! I just don’t care about that too much. In reality, if people weren’t so judgemental, I’m sure a lot of other girls wouldn’t care either.

Last night I read an article on Glamour’s website about weight stereotyping. I haven’t experienced it personally, except for this little incident with my mom, but I still find it completely out of line. Thin women are seen as obnoxious and bitchy. “They must spend all of their time looking at themselves in the mirror, only eat celery, or at the gym”. Heavier set women are seen as lazy. “They must eat everything in sight, sit on the couch and watch television all day”.

Is there something wrong with this? ABSOLUTELY.

This type of stereotyping is more common than any form of racism or sexism these days and the outcome is just as dangerous or even more so. Women have enough  on their plate (no pun intended)in order to succeed, why add weight?




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