“She’s Beautiful” – What Does That Even Mean?

8 May

My on-going project for 2012 is still in the works of being perfected, therefore I cannot share any more information with the public until well…it’s perfect. But I woke up with an enormous amount of inspiration this morning after having watched The Avengers last night , so I’m going to share one of my ideas with you.

First of all, I would like to clarify that my idea has absolutely nothing to do with The Avengers ( I know, bummer). But here’s what I’m getting at. While reading magazines, watching television, movies, or even just walking through the street I always hear the word “beautiful” being used to describe a woman. After lots of deep thinking on the the subway ride home, I thought to myself, wait a second, what does that even mean? Do they mean that she has a pretty face? Or do they mean that she’s a nice person therefore she’s beautiful?

Inner and outer beauty are always presented separately, but the way I see it, they shouldn’t be.

This summer, I plan on hosting a photo shoot for about 10-12 young women and the photo shoot will be completely unedited. That’s right…NO PHOTOSHOP! These young women will be of all races and sizes and will have complete liberty in what they want to wear during their shoot. After the shoot, they will have to write an article about their experience, why they think they are beautiful, and post their pictures online for the world to see.

The purpose of this project is to let other women (and themselves) know that editing programs like Photoshop don’t make women beautiful. Confidence makes women beautiful. And by the end of this photo shoot they will all be confident, therefore their natural, unaltered beauty will shine in and out of their photos.

If you’re interested in participating in this project or have more ideas/suggestions about this or a topic like this please contact me.


3 Responses to ““She’s Beautiful” – What Does That Even Mean?”


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