1 May

Imagine that you’re playing a game. You’ve been playing for a long time now. People have been telling you since day one that it was going to be hard. They told you that there was always going to be someone better than you. In the beginning, you brushed it off. You pretended that those things that they said about the game being too complicated or too advanced for you didn’t matter to you.

You’ve tried so hard to beat it. You have spent every single day since you started playing trying to win. The worst part is that you love playing. You can’t stop because you love the game so much. 

Then one day, a thought occurs to you. Maybe there is just no winning. Maybe you really can’t win. 

Soon you’ll start to wonder if those people were right. Maybe you shouldn’t have even started playing in the first place, but  now you have such a high score it’s almost impossible to quit. 

You can lie to yourself and say that you can’t stop. But the truth is you can, you just don’t want to. You really don’t want to. You really love this game. 


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