Cosmo For Latinas launches May 1st…How I Feel About This.

30 Apr

I have to be honest here. A few weeks ago, I almost subscribed to Cosmo. Not gonna lie, one of my guilty pleasures is reading all of the “Best Sex Ever” blogs on the website and reading the 50 new sex tips of the month. And who can blame me, right? I have never thought that these sex and dating articles are aimed at a certain race. But when I look at the ads, who’s on the cover and all of the fashion and beauty tips…it’s almost hard not to see that they’re meant for white girls. So this is why I should be happy that Hearst decided to start a Cosmo for Latinas right? Like I should be all for it because I will finally be able to  find jeans to fit my semi-Latina body now thanks to Cosmo!!!

Eh, not quite.

Here are just a couple of issues with this launch.

I don’t get when they started caring about Latinas. After looking through all of the covers of Cosmo in 2012 and 2011, I think I saw ONE Latina (Selena Gomez) on the cover. One, out of how many issues? I’m pretty sure Cosmo comes out every month. Or they at least put out ten issues a year. Can someone  explain to me why this is the case?

I also would like to point out that there are other things besides dating and ways to lose weight that interest Latinas. I know that a lot of women read Cosmo to escape from their job and whatnot so I’m not saying it would be right to take out these entertaining sex tip stories,but I am saying it wouldn’t hurt to add other things to the issue. For example, Zoe Saldana is on the cover of the first issue of Cosmo for Latinas but I’m sure she doesn’t talk about her weight issues in her interview. Even though it’s personal, its a very real problem that not only Latinas go through but all women and not only is it something that we would want to read about but its also something that we can get something out of. And by “something”, I don’t just mean ways to turn on our boyfriend, I mean a different perspective on an experience that can help us get through our similar ones.

Tomorrow, May 1st, my Latina Women class is going to be having a special MAYDAY class at Madison Square park at 11am to discuss the launch of this magazine and write a letter to Cosmo explaining our concern. Anyone can come! So if you feel inspired- please join us!


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    Also, read this if you can too! In honor of MayDay which is tomorow if you guys didn’t know. Hopefully we can make a huge impact on the media with this.

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