Too Sexy, Too Soon pt 2

26 Apr

It never occurred to me that “being pretty” was such a priority in people’s lives.   I didn’t know that a girl being called sexy could be the most meaningful compliment she has ever gotten. Between all of the make-up and the boob jobs, and now the recent fad, labiaplasty (yes, I’m being serious), I just don’t even know what people consider attractive anymore.Sure, there is this stereotype of what a guys’ dream girl looks like – Blond, Boobs, Butt. The worst part about all of this is that young girls, starting from age 7 are concerned that they aren’t “sexy” enough.

Why is this happening? My favorite example (thank you, Stephen Hinshaw) of this are the two most popular dolls of the 21st century. Bratz and Pussycat.

I always wonder what the fascination with Bratz dolls are. They have huge boobs, wear tight miniskirts, belly shirts, and lets not forget their cake face. But wait, isn’t that what guys are into these days? Isn’t that “sexy”?

So if we’re buying these dolls for our little girls and tweens, how can we not expect for them to want to be like them? When Barbies first came out didn’t every girl want to look like Barbie? Didn’t every girl want a guy like Ken?

Now let me move on to the Pussycat Dolls. I’m sure you remember them, they wanted you to loosen up their “Buttons”? Yeah…The funny part about the music video for that song is that they weren’t wearing enough clothes to even have buttons on them, but let’s look at another song of theirs, shall we?

I do like their music, it is catchy- But I can’t tell you that I would want my eight year old little cousins singing:

” I don’t need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don’t need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thing”

And I know the title of the song is “I Don’t Need a Man” but if you really don’t want a man, why are you touching yourself in front of the camera?!

There’s always an argument about how girls “dress for other girls” or “dress to make themselves feel good”, which I am all for because I dress for myself, but I also don’t go around wearing lingerie everywhere. AND, I’m also not twelve years old.

So in reality, you can’t really blame tweens for wanting to go to school in fishnets and pumps. It’s not their fault that female sexuality is flaunted in all the wrong ways and it’s just everywhere.


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