Journalists, Journalism and The Works.

16 Apr

I don’t want to offend anyone while saying this, but over the past week I have read some very hurtful articles as well as had to deal with lack of journalist etiquette and that makes me angry.

Here I am, in my second year of college aspiring to be as successful as these journalists who I’m sure have been well educated and then I see how insensitive some of them can be. It makes me wonder about a few things.

  • will I become this insensitive when I am a professional (hired by a well-know publication) journalist?
  • do I have to be this insensitive to become successful in this business?
  • does their lack of professionalism and insensitivity make me a better future candidate for these publications?

I have a feeling the answer to all of these questions might be YES.

Let me go into further detail about my NY Times experience.

I would like to thank the author of this link , for ruining my view of the NY Times as well as my afternoon.

In her article, she goes on and on about how Henry Wachtel was in a film and acted out a similar to as to one that is going on in his life now. Seizures, conflict with parents, etc. I don’t have a problem with this at all. However she ended her article in a rather demeaning tone and almost seems like Ms. Kay was a terrible mother and therefore had it (her violent death)  coming to her.

“Ms. DiGiacomo said she saw no evidence of a violent underside to Mr. Wachtel’s character. But, she said he told her, he always feared he would amount to nothing. Would all the parental monitoring in the world have made a difference?” were her last words.

After reading through most of the comments on the article, I realized that this article was not given much thought to before publishing and that’s a shame. Regardless, it’s going to be read nationwide.

Now, here goes the lack of professionalism. Ready? Even though I am linking  that article to my blog, I do not plan on contacting the journalist directly to inform her of this. Do you think that’s wrong? If it isn’t illegal, it’s definitely rude. However, the same thing was done to me…twice within the past week. The same day to be exact. Both the NY Observer as well as The Gothamist linked a certain post that I wrote about Ms. Karyn Kay in their articles and I had no idea.

I have emailed both online newspapers and neither of them have gotten back to me as to why I wasn’t otherwise notified about them copying and pasting my words into their articles.

In conclusion, this is why I am starting to doubt that this field is right for me. Or maybe it isn’t me that should be reconsidering their career.


4 Responses to “Journalists, Journalism and The Works.”

  1. K.B. April 17, 2012 at 12:15 AM #

    The public relies on aspiring writers like you, Ash. Learn from the mistakes of others, and you will be even more successful than the writer who denounced Ms. Kay’s reputation and memory.

  2. kellyspivey April 21, 2012 at 10:52 AM #

    Making citations to blogs is not rude or unprofessional. When you author a public blog, you are entering into the public discourse on ideas and occurrences, and as long as you are cited (and a link counts, as it refers the reader back to you, the author) there is nothing unprofessional going on. In fact, some might be flattered!

    • ashleykervabon92 April 22, 2012 at 11:49 AM #

      Well, I’m glad you cleared that up for me! I kinda figured as much but I guess I was so upset about the actual event I took it out on this post hahaha.


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