The Importance of Loving What You Do: In Memory of Karyn Kay

13 Apr

If you haven’t already heard the story about Karyn Kay, let me be the first one to tell it to you. Karyn Kay was a beloved teacher, writer, friend and mother. She wrote three books, produced a film and touched the lives of many. On Tuesday morning, she was found beaten to a bloody pulp in her Manhattan apartment. Her son Henry, who suffers from epilepsy has been arrested for her murder.

Upon hearing this news I was not only shocked but also heartbroken. Ms. Kay was my creative writing teacher in my last year at LaGuardia High School. Although I didn’t realize it until recently, her class made me see how much I love to write and how important writing really is. I never knew how accomplished Ms. Kay was, however I always saw how passionate she was about writing. I am proud to say that two years after taking her class, I am equally as passionate.

Ms. Kay never limited our writing like most creative writing teachers do. The topics she would gi e us each class were suggestions which most of us were eager to follow. I now understand that this is because she didn’t care what we wrote about, she just cared that we were writing. Sometimes she would just say “write, write, write!” and leave the room for us to be able to free our thoughts.

Over the past 24 hours, my personal blog has received over 500 views because several online newspapers (The NY Observer, Gothamist) have taken a passage from my entry on Ms.Kay and put it in their articles on her case. To someone like me, a writer, getting this kind of exposure would mean everything to me. However this event is too tragic for me to even think of it as being beneficial. Ms.Kay was the first teacher to ever tell me that my writing was good. She supported me and all of her other students as much as she could. She just loved what she did and it was obvious to everyone.

I have always thought that happiness would come from being successful, but now I realize that you also have to truly love what you do. I do still hope that one day my stories will be read by thousands of people, but most of all, I hope that whatever job I end up having, I will enjoy doing it as much as Ms.Kay enjoyed doing hers. R.I.P Karyn Kay.


One Response to “The Importance of Loving What You Do: In Memory of Karyn Kay”

  1. Old School/New School Mom April 14, 2012 at 3:28 PM #

    Amen sister! She was an amazing woman. I hope she’s reading this wherever she is.

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