Karyn Kay

11 Apr

Dear Ms. Kay,

I never got to tell you that I decided to minor in creative writing. That would have made you so happy. You inspired us so much with all of your stories. The way you would just write a word on the board and say “just write” and leave the room. When you would come back, we would have all written short stories, poems, and songs about the topic you chose. You never told us how to write. You just told us that we were good. That made me feel more confident about sharing my writing with the world-which is why tonight I will put up all of the poems I wrote for your class.

I will always remember you and your class. Thank you for all of your kind words, and always bringing a smile to my face. RIP Ms.Kay – you were truly an inspiration for all of us. You will be missed. ❤ ❤ ❤



One Response to “Karyn Kay”

  1. Jacqueline McCaskey April 11, 2012 at 6:45 AM #

    Karyn loved dangling earrings. Whenever I noticed a new pair I commented. Several years ago, I recall seeing her hair colored and cut in a blunt style. Karyn questioned if the hairdo was age-appropriate. Karyn, ur hair looks great! I assured her being very sincere. Karyn’s love for Henry was visible. She was very concerned about his development. Henry would ask to add candy, chips and ice cream to her cart. Karyn would remind him that tons of sugar wasn’t healthy so she’d make him decide on one item. Some Fridays, Karyn would reveal to me that she missed Henry while he was spending the weekend with his father who lived elsewhere. I remember when she was unsure about allowing Henry to date. She” do anything to make him happy so she allowed the teenaged girl to visit but Karyn was supervising them. And when Henry wanted that curly hair (lol) Karyn didn’t like the bushy hair but she knew it wasn’t detrimental, so she permitted him to sport the curls. They seemed very close. A heart-wrenching tragedy! RIP Karyn!

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