Soulmates and Angels and Dreams and Shit

2 Mar

Is it weird to feel like you need someone even though you’ve never met them before? Like you have a little empty space in you and you know what that person is supposed to be like but they just don’t exist? And I’m not necessarily talking about soulmates here, because I’m not too sure if i believe in them. But its an interesting concept right?

What if then, you start having dreams about this person? Not nightmares, but almost like they’re guiding you through life when you need help the most. Somehow they send you signs to let you know they’re there… okay, maybe now I sound like I’m talking about angels or something. Which I’m not, because I don’t know if I believe in them either.

I could just have a huge imagination, which I can’t be too upset about because I guess that would make me a better writer, or maybe that “person” does exist?

It could also just be my conscience but a long time ago, I could have sworn I didn’t have one of those.

Or I could just be crazy.

Regardless, I know why I have my “person”, who he is, what he’s like, etc.  The question is why?


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