Why My High School Education Sucked

23 Feb

Here we go, rant of the day. This week I sent in about 6 cover letters and resumes for summer internships. Each cover letter took me a good 2 or 3 days to finish because I was never taught how to write a cover letter. EVER.

Here’s how I feel: this is a problem. A very big problem. Why? Well, correct me if I’m wrong but most big-time employers ask for one along with your resume, no? So how the hell do teachers expect us to go on to college and the real world without knowing how to write a cover letter?

I don’t blame this on my professors at college. I can’t. I should know how to write a cover letter as a sophomore in college. It only makes sense. But why did I not learn this in high school? We spent so much time reading Shakespeare plays and analyzing how crazy Hamlet is, and that honestly has not helped me too much. Learning how to write a cover letter however, would have saved me a bunch of time this week.

This brings me to my final point… what is taught in high school should help you after you graduate because by the time you get to college, it’ll be too late.


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