19 Feb

I wish everyone was more like my cat. And by everyone I mean the human race. Let me explain –

I have recently noticed that the majority of problems that happen in relationships between families, friends, couples, fuckbuddies, etc, occur because of lack of communication. If only everyone spoke what was on their mind at all times, there would be so much less drama in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love me some Gossip Girl but I would prefer it if my life were the farthest thing from being like it.

My cat makes communication seem simple.  When he’s hungry, he meows. When he wants water, he meows. When he wants to play, he brings the toy over and meows. When he’s happy, he purrs. Just now, he wanted me to pet him so he jumped up on my lap. Whenever he wants something he lets me know and we don’t even speak the same language! Do you see what I’m saying here? WHY CAN’T HUMANS BE LIKE THIS?!

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m overlooking things, or perhaps I just really love my cat.

The way I see it, yes, maybe humans have a lot more to lose when they speak up, but at least they won’t have a whole lot of anger bundled up inside of them if they do. So in conclusion, I will say it again. I wish everyone was more like my cat.



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