Daniel Martinez

16 Feb

I have always said that it is best to keep one’s personal life off of the internet, however, I would like to dedicate this post to someone who is by all means worth mentioning.

This past weekend I learned that an ex-coworker of mine passed away. Just knowing this made my whole weekend a blur. All I could think about were the good times I had with him regardless of how much I hated that job. Later I found out that he took his own life and that, tore me apart. For the past three days I have been constantly checking his Facebook profile to see if people are still leaving RIP comments, secretly hoping that this is some kind of sick joke. Realizing that it’s not, I’d like to say a few things.

I remember so clearly when over the summer he would steal the bright pink sunglasses I would wear , put them on and he’d say to me ” Don’t be jealous because I look better in them.” Or how he would always tell me that I looked pretty with my hair up but with my hair down I looked like a hot mess. Or how he promised to come out salsa dancing with me but unfortunately, we never got to it.

Those flashbacks have been replaying in my mind all week, and I’m still in shock. This goes to show you how quickly you can lose someone and never get to fully appreciate them or your friendship. So, I would like to take this time to thank you Danny for making those day shifts at Hard Rock so much more bearable. Thank you for all of the laughs. Thank you for all of the smiles.

Rest In Peace.


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